A couple of years ago I closed my business as a master electrician & electrical contractor in Texas. I have no family left and decided I needed a new adventure in life so I moved to the Philippines in December 2013. I've been faced with a lot of challenges coming to a new culture but have adapted ok. I had never visited the Philippines in the past before moving here. I divorced in 2011 in Texas and am still single.(well at least not married)


I created my You Tube channel so I can share with you my experiences here in the Philippines. In my latest adventures, I take a motorcycle journey to major cities and key points in the Visayans. My home base is the picturesque city of Iloilo located on Panay Island. The islands I toured are Guimaras, Panay, Negros, Cebu, Bohol, and Panglao. I only have 7,095 islands left to visit....I have been on a 3 month extended motorcycle tour of the Visayas including the islands of Panay, Negros, Bohol, and Panglao.

My Tour Bike! Packed and ready to go



I’ve captured lots of video and photos and am posting new videos daily to my YouTube Channel “My Philippine Journey”. my goal  is t  get this website up to date with some of the latest photos and information available for viewers like you. In the mean time, please visit my YouTube video channel by clicking the button below. ENJOY!!














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Hi I'm Mike check out My Philippine Journey on my YouTube Channel

Yamaha RS110F motorcycle ~ I have it loaded up and ready to leave Iloilo City on My Philippine Journey to tour the Philippine Islands. I have two large backpacks loaded and secured along with a rack mounted givi box. I'm able to carry necessary tools, spare inner tubes for the two new over sized tires, coffee pot and more. Simply push a button and remove the box to secure it in your hotel room of apartment when not needed. I did leave Iloilo City today and faced some tropical winds and some rain, but everything went well. Be patient for my following movies as it is difficult to upload while on the road. They may not be in HD either. I have to make my file size smaller for uploads from wifi hot spots. ~ Philippines Tourism

Explore with me  and my motorcycle a land of beauty and adventure, kick off your shoes  put on your flip flops a pair of shorts a tee and climb aboard as we explore some of the 7000+ islands thats the Philippines !

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